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ASI Actuator Specialties logo, Energy Equipment

Actuator Specialties

Full Actuator Service Facility for Limitorque, EIM, Rotork, Bettis, and Shafer Torque and Limit Switch Refurbishment, Replacement Parts and Field Service

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Argus Machine Co

A manufacturer of Pigging Valves sizes 2-12” 150# through 1500# ANSI

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Specializing in Induction Pipe Bending for Pipelines

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Thermon Heating Systems

Cata-Dyne: Explosion-Proof Gas Cataylic Heaters, Enclosures, Line Heaters, Pipeline Systems and accessories

Ruffneck: Heavy-duty Explosion Proof Heater, Heating systems and Accessories

3L Filters: Liquid Filters, Strainers, Pressure Vessels, and Engineered Products Systems

Energy Equipment, Flow Safe Logo

Flow Safe

Conventional and Pilot Operated ASME & DOT Relief Valves. Compressor Station & Transmission Over Pressure Protection. 1/2" through 12" inlet, Set Pressures- 10" WC through 10,000 psig, soft seats.

Energy Equipment, hamilton tanks logo

Hamilton Tanks

Manufacturer of Above Ground, Under Ground, Single Wall ASME, Dual Wall, and Self-Contained Tanks from 285 gallons to 50,000 gallons

Energy Equipment, IMAC Systems logo

IMAC Systems

Filter Dryer instrument filtration for pneumatic controllers, heaters, enclosure systems, and other instruments. Removes particles down to 4 microns such as solids, moisture, H2S, odorant, and other impurities. Weld in Barlow Insulated Joint, ALFA Monolithic Insulated Joint and Pete’s Plug.

Jonell System filtration group

Process Technologies

Jonell Systems, a Process Technologies brand, partners with oil, gas and energy companies worldwide to address end to end filtration challenges to improve process safety, reliability, productivity and ultimately profitability. With an extensive range of vessels and cartridges with multiple media options, talk to us to solve your filtration challenge.

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Seal Welded Ball Valves- BVS2 ¼” to 4” 2160 W.O.G., BVSC ¼” to 2” 900# ANSI, BVS3 ¼” to 2” 1500# ANSI, BVS6 ¼” to 2” 2500# ANSI, Unibody Flanged- ½” to 6” 150# & 300# ANSI Split-Body Flanged- ½” to 8” 150#, 300# & 600# ANSI, BVM3 3-Piece Maintenance ¼” to 2½” 1920 W.O.G., Check Valves, Y-Strainers, Basket Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Fabricated Strainers

Energy Equipment, flowserve logo


Electric and Pneumatic Valve Actuator products and services, complete application and design assistance, field service, start-up assistants, Limitorque Factory Authorized replacement parts, valve adaptation. Michigan Representative for Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines

pipeline equipment, inc. logo, Energy Equipment

Pipeline Equipment

Fabrication of Launchers, Receivers, Headers, Manifolds, Valve Settings Barred Tees, Flow Tees, ASME Unfired Pressure Vessels, Extrusions, Saddles, Extruded Launcher Barrels, Twinlock Quick Opening Closure, Coating, Hydrotest Headers

qb johnson logo, Energy Equipment

QB Johnson Manufacturing

TEG/DEG Dehydrators, Amine Units, Scrubbers, Gas Plants, Molecular Sieve Units, Dew Point Control Units, Indirect Water/Glycol Bath Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Oxidizers

Quarter Turn Resources Inc logo, Energy Equipment

Quarter Turn Resources

DELTA Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves 2" through 60", 150# through 2500# ANSI API 6D, DELTA Plug Valves 2" through 12" 150# through 900# ANSI API 6D, VITAS Swing Check Valves 2" through 24" 150# through 2500# ANSI API 6D

schultz Process Services, inc. Energy Equipment

Schultz Process Services

Specialized in state of the art mechanical separation technology, including: High Capacity Vane Separators, Single and Multi-Cyclones, Centrifugal Separators, Filter Separators and Reverse Flow Coalescers

Energy Equipment, Sealweld Logo


Valve Cleaners, Lubricants, Sealants, and Grease Guns for Valve Maintenance, Valve Maintenance Schools, Valvepro Valve Technician Certification software

SICK Sensor Intelligence Logo, Energy Equipment


Ultra Sonic Flow Meter, Natural Gas Custody Transfer Measurement, Check Measurement, Allocation Metering. Products Include: FLOWSIC600, FLOWSIC600-XT, FLOWSIC600 DRU, FLOWSIC500

SOR measurement and control logo, Energy Equipment

SOR Measurement and Control

Vanec Logo, Energy Equipment


Designers-Manufacturer of Industrial Silencers, Separators, Intake Filters and Pulsation Dampeners for Engines, Rotary Positive Blowers, Vents & Blowdowns, Vacuum Pumps, Gas Turbines, Fans, Pressure Reduction Valves, Air Filteration, Steam Ejectors, Pulsation Control Vessels, and Compressors


GDS Corp

Gas and flame detection, monitoring systems for Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing, Offshore, Semiconductor and Water / Waste Water. Natural Gas Odorants, Toxic Gases, Combustible Gases, Volatile Organics, Natural Gas Detection System, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
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